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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Sandy

After the initial worry and terror of what would come, we settled in to what would be. We hoped that no damage, or expensive damage would come our way or to anyone we know. Other than still not having power or Internet or phone service we are fine, but getting antsy and maybe a bit aggravated.  And we send out a prayer to those we don't know--who suffered loss in one way or another. I am posting via an iPad with 3G service. You might ask why start blogging now?  And to this, I say, why not?

The opportunity to not tend to the everyday, the work, the school and countless other myriad of things to do, beside the essential... The opportunity to delve into the real, the family, to share a meal, the friends--to extend best wishes to those not often kept close to mind, to talk to our neighbors-- the ones we never talk to, to pull together, to loll about, to read that book you've been meaning to...To Write!  And write, I shall...


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