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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Until Then, Mr. Roth

Phillip Roth announced today, that he will no longer be writing any books.

To this I say...

He certainly has amassed an impressive body of work to keep one occupied, for those few who haven't read Roth. While we might miss him in book form, I suspect that Roth will keep in touch either through a blog or short stories or in some other way through social media. Some writers need to make sense of their worlds and writing provides that outlet.

For those of you would-be censors of Mr. Roth and other male oriented, pro male viewpoints Stop whimpering!

There are enough women writers out there to counteract any and all of it! For those who question whether women-hating view points be written, the answer is a resounding Yes! As well it should be! Misogynists as well as many other one-sided/ lop-sided characters (vampires, racists, serial killers, homophobes, zombies, neo-nazis etc...) should have their say, but only fictionally speaking of course. Fiction should never be for the faint of heart or those in need of constant bathing.

Perhaps better and more concerted energies could be spent seeing to it that worthy women writers have their equal time played out in our prominent book reviews. I for one would like to see women writers like Louise Erdrich, Gillian  Flynn or Jennifer Egan--whose short story "Black Box" rivals anything Hemingway ever did, get its real due, not whatserface who scrawled. "50 shades of garbage".

For now Mr. Roth--stay in touch!


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