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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Arguing in Venus' Court

Arguing in Venus' Court

It's not so complicated
this feeling, hollow choking

make it go away, confront

but it feels good; involved

take what is rightfully yours
this love due you

its all poetic nonsense
meant to entice the faint of self
intricate lies woven like beautiful
designed webs to involve
and throw back
subtle shades of orgasmic fuchsia
get thrown in my eyes
marking indefatigable cornerstones
with which to torment the wicked
unadorned shiny ones

braver souls and weaker wenches
have come before this court
unanimous and tantamount
beliefs that all will prevail
with arduous affection

light hearts and affectations
of indifference seem inescapable
and were it meant to be
shouldn't the open minded
open eyed enlightened one
be the initiator of all
this proposed excess of good will

stubborn mules who sit, howl  and decry
deserve nothing more and nothing less
than choking hollow empty dreams
of what might have been


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